BBC reporter wears bomb-proof pants to protect crown jewels in deadly warzones

Veteran war reporter Jeremy Bowen has revealed he wears blast-proof pants to protect his crown jewels when he is covering conflicts around the world.

The BBC journalist said he dons boxers made of protective Kevlar in war zones like Ukraine.

Jeremy, 63, the BBC’s international editor, has covered conflicts in the Middle East, Bosnia, Afghanistan and El Salvador and says safety is paramount.

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He said: “I’ve got my blast boxers which are Kevlar underwear which people have taken to wearing these days.

“When I started in El Salvador we used to wave white flags and people would stop shooting and let us cross the road.

“You’d never, ever do that now and we didn’t have flack jackets then.

“People did get killed then but we weren’t targets in the same way we can be now.”

Kevlar underpants and boxers were developed by the military to protect soldiers in Afghanistan.

The journalist has reported from around twenty conflicts during his thirty years covering wars.

He said when he covered his first war in 1989 in El Salvador he didn’t feel the need for protection.

Jeremy added: “I was 29-years-old, 28, something like that, and I felt indestructible.

“I mean that later on changed, but at the time that was very much how I felt.I had no idea what risk was in a way.

“The first time I heard shots and they were near me I was excited, I think. I was very excited.”

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But he said he feels very differently now before heading to Ukraine adding: “The day before you go I think ‘Oh my God, what am I doing?’

“When you are getting your stuff together, checking my flack jacket is where it should be.”

He has seen friends and colleagues killed and was himself shot by shotgun pellets in the head while covering a protest in Egypt in 2013.

He has also spoken openly in the past about suffering depression after covering wars for most of his career.

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