BBC Weather: 24C heat to sizzle UK before scorching European air forced away from nation

BBC weather: UK set for 'mixed bag' of showers and sun

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Forecaster Sarah Keith-Lucas told BBC Breakfast the upcoming week will be a “mixed bag” as isolated showers will hit some parts of central and eastern UK but temperatures may remain in the mid-20s. She added next week will be relatively dry and warm, stating the weather was unlikely to ruin any plans. Humid nights in the southeast are to remain however as warm European air moves northwards, which has caused chaos on the continent, but cooler northern winds will calm things down toward the middle of next week as it pushes the bulk of it away from the UK mainland.

In some parts of Europe, like in Greece and Italy, some high 40C temperatures have been recorded with wildfires raging across countries.

Sicily may have also recorded the highest temperature in Europe ever last week at 48.8C – beating the previous 48C recorded in Athens in 1977.

But while those temperatures are being carried northwards towards the south of the UK, cooler northern air will bat it away as it “spills” across the country.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Keith-Lucas told the programme: “We’ve got a real mixed bag of weather out there really through the course of the weekend. 

“Some of us again continue to see those pockets of sunshine but for other areas, there is a bit of rain moving its way in from the west so a real mixed bag of weather through the weekend.

“We’ve already had some of that rain across parts of Scotland, a shower cloud here, then we’ve got this bigger area of cloud moving its way in from the Atlantic.

“Now this is an area of low pressure it’s not a particularly active one not particularly fast-moving.

“Just pushing its way gradually in from the west so it’ll bring thickening cloud across parts of England and Wales.”

The forecaster said the clouds will bring rain for some parts of the UK but will soon dissipate. 

She added: “Some patchy rain for Wales during the course of the [Saturday] morning and also for Scotland we’ve got those fairly heavy showers continuing but they’ll tend to ease away later on this afternoon.

“So some sunshine through the central belt later this afternoon, clouding over across Northern Ireland and Northern England with a bit of rain moving in from the south later on.

“It’s a bit of patchy rain lingering for perhaps north Wales and north Midlands towards the likes of Lincolnshire as well.

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“But to the south of that, most places looking dry, best of the sunshine towards the far southeast where temperatures will reach around 23 or 24C but most of us are typically about 16 to 20C.

“Quite a bit of cloud out there through the day.”

Ms Keith-Lucas then looked at the upcoming week and how the weather still remained a mix of rain and sun in some areas.

She continued: “Into the [Saturday] evening and overnight, some rain continuing for Northern Ireland, parts of northern England perhaps into southern Scotland by the end of the night.

“But a few showers also across parts of Wales as well.

“Still quite mild and humid in the southeast, 14 or 15C overnight but we are likely to see those temperatures dropping into single figures across northern England and Scotland as well.

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“[Sunday] this area of low pressure is still with us just slowly edging its way eastwards, so quite a lot of weather fronts are around.

“Now they will produce some outbreaks of rain, initially for parts of Northern Ireland and northern England… further showers across the north of Scotland.

“It’s gonna be quite breezy here at times and a little patchy light rain and drizzle into Wales and the southwest too.

“Lots of the southeast having another dry day with some sunshine with 23C, possibly 24C but things are turning a little bit cooler so typically the mid to high teens.

“So although things are very, very hot further south across Europe particularly for Spain through the weekend.”

Ms Keith-Lucas continued: “For us here in the UK we have got this cooler air starting to work in from the northwest so by the time we get to Monday that cooler air will spill across the UK.

“Quite a bit of cloud around, some sunshine in there, one or two isolated showers and temperatures on Monday not quite as warm as the weekend so between about 15C to perhaps 20C on Monday.”

Ms Keith-Lucas added plans for the upcoming week would not be disrupted by the weather as the majority of the UK will see dry and warm temperatures.

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