BBC Weather – Breezy cool winds forecasted as wetter conditions set in

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts patchy rain

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The BBC weatherwoman forecasted low temperatures in the southeast, with a range between 12 and 18 degrees across the UK. Carol Kirkwood forecasted Wednesday to be a breezy day with quite a lot of cloud. Ms Kirkwood also forecasted outbreaks of rain in the south and eastern parts of the UK.

Ms Kirkwood said: “Today is a cold start to the day, once again! Across the South-East temperatures have been close to freezing, and there is a bit of frost around.

“But for the rest of us, it’s actually a milder start than it was yesterday.

“What we’ve got is some rain moving Southwards, dragging its cloud with it and it’s going to be quite a breezy day.

 “So we’re starting off with some clear skies in the South-East hence the low temperatures.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “The clouds are building through the morning, could catch the odd shower ahead of this weather front,

“Exiting Scotland and Northern Ireland and pushing in through England and Wales.

“We won’t get into the far southeast by daylight, by the end of daylight hours today, probably later.

“And you can see behind it we’re looking at some brighter skies with just one or two showers.

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Ms Kirkwood said: “Temperatures between 12 to about 18 degrees.

“Now through this evening and overnight you can see how weak that weather front is as it moves into the South East.

“But then it pets up before the end of the night, behind it under clear skies we are looking at some patchiness and fog forming.

“And it’s going to be a cold night in the North, particularly Eastern Scotland and North-East England where temperatures again could fall down to around freezing.


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Ms Kirkwood added: “But much milder in the South than has been for the last few nights.

“Tomorrow then we see that rain clear away, and then we get into some uncertainty in the forecast.

“Now it looks like a system coming in across the South will introduce some cloud and some patchy rain, mostly across Southern counties and the English Channel.

“They could move a little bit further North or a little bit further South.”


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