BBC Weather: Britons brace for double-figure temperatures as hot southern air engulfs UK

BBC Weather meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker pointed to warm southerly winds moving in from Europe as the reason for a sudden increase in the temperatures this weekend. Most people across the country will see double-figure temperatures with towns and cities in the south reaching up to 16C on this Remembrance Sunday. Mr Shafemaker said: “For some of us the weather will improve a little bit later on in the morning and into the afternoon, so there is some sunshine on the way.

“Mild air across the board, spreading in from the south.”

He added: “By the time we get to early afternoon there should be some glimmer of sunshine coming through for sure.

“Right across the board is pretty mild today, mid-teens in the south, double figures across Scotland and the northern isles too.

“We’re going to keep this mild theme over the course of the night.

“Very mild night, early morning temperatures on Monday double figures again for most of the country.

“This is what we usually get during the day time.”

Temperatures will also be rising across Europe over the coming few days to above average for many as southerly winds are picked up, according to BBC meteorologist Helen Willetts.

However, the weather presenter also warned that low pressure will be giving some heavy downpours across Iberia. She noted that it will be quite mild with further rain and strong winds for parts of Norway and northern Sweden as well.

London and Paris will see highs of 16 and 17 degrees Celsius respectively this weekend, as well as a sunny 16 for Madrid.

Athens is forecast to have the best of the warmth with a steady 21-degree high throughout the week, and Rome just one step behind with 20 degrees for the whole week too.

Ms Willetts told viewers: “But this high pressure is giving us some fog issues and frost issues.

“By day there’ll be some sunshine with temperatures rising above where they should be.

“You can see some unsettled weather down across the southern and eastern parts of the Mediterranean.

“So they may well affect Cyprus and some parts of the Levant as well.”

She continued: “We’ve got some rains moving away from northern Turkey and Georgia heading into eastern parts, into central Asia.

“Then we’ve got these fog issues and low cloud issues under the stagnant area of high pressure.

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“There’ll also be some rain and wind for the far north.

“Sunday continues that rain and wind, we’ve still got that low pressure.”

The BBC presenter added: “Further rains will be moving in across Iberia, some affecting southern parts of France.

“They will peter out but move across the Alps.

“There’ll be low pressure towards the northwest of the United Kingdom as well.”

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