BBC Weather: Brits urged for caution as widespread ice and wintry showers grip UK

BBC Weather: Widespread ice and wintry showers grip UK.

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Weather warnings have been issued on Wednesday by the Met Office, with two yellow warnings for ice and snow. BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood told Britons to brace themselves for temperatures to drop and Arctic blasts as sheets of ice and sprinkles of snow spread across the country. Ms Kirkwood also predicted that northern Scotland, Birmingham and Northern Ireland are expected to see up to 3cm of snow over the next few days.

Ms Kirkwood said: “This morning is a cold start to the day if you haven’t yet been out, there’s some frost around.

“And also the risk of ice on untreated surfaces. As we go through the day a ridge of high pressure is going to build across us.

“After a windy start, the winds will slowly ease, the wintry showers many of them will fade and we’ll see some lengthy sunny spells.

“So there is ice risk this morning across Scotland and Northern Ireland, where we’ve had the showers overnight across North West England.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster continued: “Heading down toward Wales and also the North-West Midlands, but as that ridge builds in the wintry showers in the East will fade.

“Although there will still be some and some migrate inland through the course of the day.

“And there will still be a few coming in across the West but many of us will have a dry day and also a cold one.

“Temperatures four in the North to about nine in the South West and through this evening and overnight again you can see a lot of clear skies.”

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UK weather: Met Office forecasts sunny spells and showers

Ms Kirkwood added: “Still some wintry showers coming in the West and also into the East.

“And we’re looking at a widespread frost, temperatures falling away, quite low in fact in the Highlands it could get as low as minus 10.

“In Northern England as low as minus six to minus eight, but out toward the West we’ve got the arrival of a new weather front coming in.

“Introducing some clouds, some rain, and some strengthening winds, in fact, we could well have gales across North West Scotland.


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She also warned that “with the exposure and possibly across Northern Ireland, so cold and an icy potential start to the day.”

Ms Kirkwood added: “Before all of this rain piles in, ahead of it, there will be some snow even at lower levels for some.

“But a wedge of milder air from behind it so we’ll see a return to rain before colder air come sin later on and then we may see a return to some wintry showers.”

Brits have also been warned by the Met Office to expect some widespread delays on the roads due to long stretches of ice which will likely cause travel delays and disruptions across the UK.

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