BBC Weather: Dry and sunny as temperatures to hit 26C for UK after torrential flooding

BBC Weather: UK set for dry and sunny conditions

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The BBC’s Weather presenter Louise Lear warned viewers that while Monday’s weather forecast is set to stay calm, the rest of the week will see the arrival of yet more showers and torrential rain which caused flash floods and washouts across southern areas over the weekend. Monday will see highs of 26C in Scotland but the weather will change towards the end of the day as a weather front arrives with heavy rain and thunder forecast for the rest of the week.

Ms Lear said: “It is going to be a relatively quiet start to Monday.

“Monday morning will bring a fair amount of cloud across eastern Scotland and north eastern England.

“Dry with some sunshine coming through, maybe a few isolated showers lingering for a time but generally a better day.”

But she warned: “There will be a few showers develop through the afternoon, some of these possibly heavy and thundery.

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“But they should be a little more interspersed in comparison to the weekend.”

The forecaster said temperatures will be “higher” with “a little more sunshine” on Monday in the UK following Sunday’s total washout across much of southern England. 

Monday will see highs of 26C on the Isle of Skye, 26C in Birmingham, 25C in London, 25C in Cardiff, 23C in Newcastle and 21C in Aberdeen.

But the weather presenter warned a weather front arriving off the Atlantic ocean to the west of England late on Monday will see heavy rain overnight and into Tuesday as the forecast is set to dramatically change.

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Ms Lear said: “We will start to see more showers developing from the west moving into Northern Ireland, south west Wales and south west England by the end of today.

“And the weather story changes as we go through the week.

“With low pressure anchored to the north and those winds swinging in a clockwise direction, it will be driving in more moisture, more cllid and certainly more of a breeze.”

The forecaster warned: “Tuesday is really quite a messy picture, there will be a lot of cloud around there will be some showers while some of those showers will be thunder in nature. 


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She added how “almost anywhere could catch a shower” on Tuesday as the weather looks set to cause chaos across the country with heavy rain and thunder forecast to smash through most of the UK.

Tuesday will see highs of 23C in Hull, 22C in Liverpool, 21C in Birmingham and 21C in London.

Wednesday will see more of the same as low pressure continues to swamp the UK but there could be fewer showers than on Tuesday.

While the temperatures on Wednesday are set to drop slightly to 21C in London, 19C in Cardiff, 19C in Edinburgh and 18C in Belfast. 

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