BBC Weather forecast: UK braces for scorching end of May heatwave as mercury soars to 27C

The BBC Weather forecaster said western areas will enjoy higher temperatures on Thursday and Friday but by the end of the week, most of the country will get closer to the 30C mark. He said: “It’s going to turn warmer over the next few days, certainly warm and sunshine across many southern and eastern areas. A few changes to the east today, we’re keeping that cloud largely at bay in the north.

“That has produced some rain in the north of Scotland but even that is now starting to fade away.

“A bit of a low cloud in some of these eastern districts and counties first this morning, that will be brought by developing eastern breeze and it will keep it cooler along some of these eastern coasts.

“In the north of Scotland temperatures will be limited to around 11C to 14C.

“But temperatures across Scotland starting to climb, 22C or 23C possible, 24C to the west of Northern Ireland.

“Blue skies from dawn to dusk. Warmest conditions across western parts of England and Wales.”

Over the next few days, Mr Talyor said temperatures will reach up to 27C for western parts of England and Wales and western parts of Scotland.

He added: “As we go into the weekend, some parts of Scotland could be 10 to 12C above where they should be for this time of year.”

Netweather has said that the weekend could be classified as “heatwave territory” as records look set to be smashed on the last few days of the month. 

“Lifting temperatures well into the twenties Celsius and this time it isn’t just the SE of England.

“Western and northern parts of the UK will see the highest temperatures, peaking around 25 to 27C which puts the descriptions of ‘very warm’ and even ‘hot’ into the forecast. “

In order for the weather to officially be called a “heatwave” threshold temperatures must be reached for at least three consecutive days.

The forecaster added: “Northern Scotland is forecast to see 27C Friday, Saturday Sunday for the NW Highlands.

“Manchester around 26C, Glasgow at 24C so Strathclyde could see 25C for three days.

“Inland southern England has been very warm today into the mid 20sC.

“Somerset and Gloucestershire, Cheshire and Merseyside reach the mid-20s on Thursday as will central Ireland and inland for western counties of Northern Ireland.

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“Eastern Scotland also faring well in a westerly wind.”

This spring is likely to be the fourth driest since rainfall records began in 1862 as records from the Met Office reveal that England has only seen 9.55 mm of rain this month.

Swarms of Brits have been taking advantage of the searing climates by soaking up rays at the seaside.

Statistics also show just 86.8mm of rain fell between March and May, which could be England’s fourth driest spring behind 1893, 2011 and 1990.

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