BBC Weather issues heavy rain and flooding warning as Britain set for a Christmas washout

BBC Weather: Amber warning in place for ‘heavy rain’

BBC Weather meteorologist Nick Miller outlined an area of low pressure is bringing rain to Britain and stated it will turn colder over the next week as we head towards Christmas. He added that gusts of winds will reach 60mph in southern England.  

Mr Miller said: “It is turning colder in time for Christmas but our immediate focus is on a Met Office amber warning for heavy rain today in south Wales.

“There could well be up to 100 millimetres of rain in some spots before the day is done.

“There is an area of low pressure bringing in the rain, it is not very wet at the moment just damp in places but it is about to get much wetter.

“Those rain totals will mount and flooding is likely across parts of Wales.

“There may be a few brighter breaks before the rain in Scotland and England, clearly that is not going to last.

“The wind will pick up to around, gusts around 60mph in southwest England.”

He added: “Across western Scotland there will be some heavy rain moving in.

“Northern Ireland will brighten up this afternoon with sunny spells and a few showers.

UK weather: Met Office issue warning for 'intense' rain

“It is cloudy and windy in places, those rain totals will continue to mount as the rain lingers for the first part of the night.

“Eventually, the rain moves on eastwards as the night goes on.

“Low pressure still very close by over the weekend, the persistent rain will have gone, these weather fronts coming through will have produce bouts of showers moving across the UK.

“In between those showers we will get to see some sunshine during the weekend.”

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BBC weather’s long-range forecasters stated that cold air could push south by December 26 and 28, making for chilly conditions.

BBC Weather said: “The final few days of 2020 are expected to stay rather unsettled.

“If we are to see some cold air coming down from the north, then late December offers the best chance.

“High pressure will still be located to the north of the UK, near Iceland and Greenland, helping to keep the Atlantic low pressure track either overhead the UK or a bit to the south.

“This favours southern England and Wales to be wettest, a risk that snow could fall over some northern hills, while western Scotland could end up a drier than average.”

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