BBC Weather: Kirkwood warns chilly breeze to engulf UK as cloud forces temperatures down

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts drop in temperatures

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The BBC Weather forecaster said most of the eastern coast of the UK will struggle to see temperatures reach the high 20s because of the growing breeze. Cloud will cover most areas through Tuesday, with the thickest areas resulting in patchy light rain for some. Carol Kirkwood said: “High pressure still firmly in charge of our weather, it will be for the next few days.

“There will be some sunshine but for most of us it’s going to be cloudy and once again, there’ll be some patchy light rain or indeed some drizzle, especially but not exclusively, in the east.

“And it’s in the east we’ve got that chilly breeze coming in from the North Sea as well as through the English Channel.

“The best chance of seeing some outbreaks today are across parts of southeast England.

“You can see a lot of cloud for the rest of England and also most of Wales.”

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Ms Kirkwood continued: “One or two breaks across some parts of northwest England but more so across Northern Ireland, and western and central Scotland.

“Temperatures today are up to about 20C at best in the sunshine, but we’re looking at a range of about 13C to 18C.

“Through this evening and overnight, we see a return to a lot of cloud, some breaks particularly across central Scotland, where temperatures could fall away two to three degrees.

“And breezy down the North Sea coastline, breezy through the English Channel, and the coasts of Devon and Cornwall.”

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The cloud will thicken again through the night, with people expected to wake up to some patchy light rain in central and eastern areas.

The BBC Weather forecaster added: “This cloud thickens up once again for some patchy light rain and drizzle, you’ll hear me say this for the next couple of days and also cool where that cloud does break.

“Tomorrow, still breezy along the North Sea coastline, through the English Channel, and also the coast of Devon and Cornwall.

“Tomorrow, too, there will be a lot of cloud around, particularly so across England and Wales.


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“Northern Ireland and Scotland will have a bit more sunshine.

“In the sunshine, temperatures getting up to 21C but along the east coast, still feeling quite fresh – 15C to about 17C.”

Ms Kirkwood also forecast an area of low pressure will slowly be moving in towards the UK as the week progresses.

The change will bring in the rain for a wider area of the UK, with widespread precipitations expected to come in from Sunday.

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