BBC Weather: Scorching 26C temperatures to blast UK as figures soar above yearly average

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts high pressure

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BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood said temperatures will be much higher than the yearly average on Tuesday but fell short of calling the toasty weather a heatwave. Northern areas will surprisingly see the highest of temperatures as the Glasgow area will see high-20s. For the rest of the UK, temperatures will still remain higher than what is expected as Ms Kirkwood revealed what everyone can expect for Tuesday and the upcoming bank holiday Monday.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood said temperatures will be much higher than average today but fell shy of calling it a heatwave.

She told the programme: “Yesterday, temperatures in parts of Northern Ireland and also around the Glasgow area hit 24C.

“Today, we could see temperatures around Argyll and Bute get up to 26C that’s above average for this time of year but still no heatwave on the cards.

“Now the forecast for today for all of us it’s one of some sunshine but there will also be areas of cloud and some of us are actually starting today with that combination of low cloud mist and fog.

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“Whilst others, like in London, are enjoying some sunshine.”

Ms Kirkwood then explained cloud will grip most parts of the UK in the early hours of Tuesday.

She continued: “A lot of the cloud across northern Scotland shrouding the Shetland Islands and also across western parts of Scotland as well inland.

“Although there is a little bit of mist and fog around this morning that will tend to lift.

“The other large area of cloud we’ve got is coming in across northern England heading to parts of the Midlands and also towards Wales.

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“Now that’s thick enough for some drizzle but comes out of that and we’re back into some sunnier skies.

“So the forecast for [Tuesday] sees that cloud remains across parts of the north and the west, they will break up a little bit across parts of England and Wales and many of us will see some sunshine.

“Now temperatures today we’re looking at up to about 26C in Argyll and Bute for example.

“The averages at this time of year are roughly 19C in the north to 22C in the south.

“So, again, above-average temperatures for some and around about average for others.

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“As we head on through the evening and overnight, we have a weather front coming in across the northeast of Scotland.

“And you can see all those clouds sinking a bit farther south, we still will have a blanket of clouds across parts of England and also Wales and this will be thick enough for some drizzle as well.

“Quite breezy along the coastlines and also across the English Channel today but that will be easing a touch as we go through the course of the afternoon.

“Then into Wednesday, as that weather front sinks southwards we’ll start off with a fair bit of cloud but some of that cloud will break up as we go through the course of the day.

“Some of us again will see some sunshine tomorrow rather late today, we could have temperatures up as high as 25C again in Argyll and Bute so that is above average for the time of year.”

Ms Kirkwood then looked at the upcoming bank holiday Monday and said temperatures will drop over the weekend but it will not be “another Ice Age”.

She added most of the UK will have a dry bank holiday will some scattered showers in some parts of the southeast.

Temperatures will range between 19-20C across the country.

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