BBC Weather: Temperatures to rocket to 15C as high pressure and clear skies take over

BBC Weather: Kirkwood forecasts showers in parts of the UK

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Carol Kirkwood appeared on BBC Breakfast from the Bluebell Forest in Hertfordshire and forecast the next few mornings would be bitterly cold. Clear skies and settled weather overnight means mornings will reach -5C in some areas. But additionally, the mercury will rise dramatically as the day goes on to around 15C due to the cloudless skies. 

Ms Kirkwood spoke to BBC Breakfast and said: “The forecast is a mainly dry one with a lot of sunshine. 

“As we go through the course of the day what you’ll find is more showers coming in from the North Sea across the southeast quarter of the UK.

“High pressure is still firmly in charge of our weather so things are fairly quiet and fairly settled and under clear skies at night it has been cold with temperatures falling as low as minus five for many of us. 

“Showers coming in across East Anglia getting into Lincolnshire also into Cambridgeshire, the home counties, East Midlands, as we go through the day.”

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The meteorologist added: “Brisk northeasterly breeze as well but move away from the southeast we’ll see clouds developing and a lot of dry sunny conditions. 

“Light breezes and temperatures in the Northwest cook it up as high as 14 or even 15 degrees but it will always feel cooler in that breeze coming in from the North Sea and along the North Sea coastline. 

“Through this [Thursday] evening and overnight any cloud that is formed will tend to fade and the showers will also fade there will be a lot of dry weather and clear skies. 

“That’s a recipe for a cold morning with once again a widespread frost and patchy western fog as well – temperatures falling just above or just below freezing. 

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“But locally we can see them get down as low as minus four or potentially minus five once again.”

Ms Kirkwood then looked towards the weekend with much of the same happening. 

She added“So that leads us into [Friday] a lot of dry weather around and a lot of sunshine building through the course of the day. 

“But there is a weather front lurking in the northwest that will eventually bring rain into the west of Northern Ireland and also western parts of Scotland but the far west of mainland Scotland temperatures tend to about 13 degrees.

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“That clears away overnight that weather front but for Saturday a new one comes in almost in the same position as we move through the day. 

“So eventually we will see some rain getting into western parts of Northern Ireland and also Western Scotland but for the rest of the UK, it’s going to be dry weather with cloud developing a lot of sunshine.

“Again temperatures roughly 10 to 13 degrees we might see that rain coming in across the northwest during the course of Sunday night.

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