BBC Weather: Two Met Office extreme weather warnings in force as UK told to be on alert

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood issues warning for 'extreme heat'

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Speaking to BBC Breakfast, weather presenter Carol Kirkwood explained how a second extreme weather warning has come into force in Northern Ireland on Wednesday as the UK battles a scorching heatwave. The Met Office issued its second risk to life warning following days of baking heat which forced an extreme weather warning to come into force in the south of England on Tuesday. Temperatures will remain in the high twenties for much of the UK on Wednesday with London expected to hit a boiling 30C.

Ms Kirkwood said: “Currently we have got two Met office extreme heat warnings in force currently, the one that was out yesterday runs until midnight on Thursday,

“That covers much of Wales, the West Midlands, southwest England, and over towards the Isle of Wight.”

But she warned of a second extreme heat warning coming into force in Northern Ireland on Wednesday which will run from 8am until midnight on Friday, July 23.

She warned viewers: “If you are out and about, do keep well hydrated, do keep your suncream on.”

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For Wednesday’s forecast, Ms Kirkwood said: “A misty start for some of us this morning, still a fair bit of cloud across the north and the east of Scotland and England as well as Northern Ireland

“A lot of this will burn away but it will linger across parts of the North East of Scotland for much of the day.”

The weather presenter warned: “We could see some showers as temperatures climb and they could be torrential if you do catch one.”

Wednesday will see highs of 30C in London, 30 in Cardiff, 29 in Birmingham, 28 in Edinburgh, 27 in Plymouth, and 27 in Belfast. 

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She added: “Through this evening we will lose a lot of the showers, there will be some clear skies.

“It is going to be another warm night, another uncomfortable one for sleeping in.”

For Thursday, she said: “We start off with some blue skies, the cloud that we have across the north and the east tending to burn back.”

But the forecaster warned how the atmosphere is “quite active at the moment” so there could be more “torrential rain” and thunder in store on Thursday.


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Thursday will see highs of 29C in Cardiff, 29 in Liverpool, 28 in London, 28 in Edinburgh, and 19 in Aberdeen.

For Friday’s forecast, Ms Kirkwood said: “A lot of dry weather, cooler than it has been in eastern areas but still high temperatures in the west.

“Then we have got an area of low pressure coming in from the southwest and that is likely later in the day to bring us some rain across the Isles of Scilly, the tip of Cornwall, and the Channel Islands.”

Friday will see highs of 27C in Liverpool, 27 in Cardiff, 26 in Edinburgh, 25 in Belfast, and 25 in Birmingham.

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