BBC Weather: ‘Wintry’ storms blow into Europe as temperatures almost freeze at 2C plummet

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Storms are set to arrive in Spain and parts of Portugal over the next few days, according to BBC meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker. The weather presenter explained that a big area of low pressure just parked off the coast of Portugal is to blame. However, elsewhere across the continent the conditions are expected to be relatively quiet.

Mr Schafernaker told viewers: “It’s that time of the year where we often see high pressures building, mist and fog, that sort of thing.

“But I think there’ll be a lot of clear weather across the continent.

“It won’t be particularly cold either.

“Temperatures in Istanbul will be around 16 degrees.”

He continued: “Bucharest will see 10 Celsius while it will be a little bit colder in central parts of Europe.

“We can see temperatures will be only a little above freezing, four degrees in Kyiv for example.

“It’s because we often have cloudy, foggy conditions here.

“In Moscow, there’s the possibility of a bit of wintriness at around two degrees Celsius.”

The BBC presenter added: “Similar values are forecast for Oslo and Stockholm as well.

“On Saturday, the low pressure from Spain is going to move into the western Mediterranean.

“It will be parked around the Balearics so there will be some rain and wind here.”

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Mr Schafernaker said: “North of that, across the Alps, France and into the UK, the weather’s actually not looking too bad at all.

“London’s going to be fairly cloudy, temperatures will be around the average nine degrees Celsius.

“I think it will be marginally better in Paris, at least there’ll be some sunshine in the coming days.

“Elsewhere in Berlin, it will also be pretty cloudy.

“It will feel quite chilly where those clouds remain grey.”

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