BBC Weathers Carol Kirkwood warns further damage to come as winds to keep battering UK

UK Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns 'further damage' to come from wind

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Weather warnings have been issued on Tuesday morning by the Met Office, with yellow warnings for 65mph gusts of winds expected to continue to blast Brits this week. BBC Weather’s Carol Kirkwood told Britons to brace themselves for showers and cloudy skies. Ms Kirkwood also predicted that Northern Scotland, Northern Isles are expected to see the hardest hitting gusts of wind over the next few days.

Ms Kirkwood said: “It’s going to be quite a mild day today, and in terms of wind for the next few days it will still be quite windy but not as windy as it was at the weekend or indeed yesterday.

“Today the wind will be featured across the North of Scotland, the Northern Isles, Skegness, and Southerland.

“Gusting about 50-55 maybe 65 miles an hour, picking up for a time in the afternoon, that’s not unusual this time of year.

“But you may find that some structures, trees have been damaged over the weekend and that will make them a wee bit susceptible to further damage.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “We’ve also got a fair bit of cloud moving across Northern Ireland, England, and Wales.

“That sinking down towards the South-West with some spots of rain behind it.

“Clearer skies some sunshine and some showers, and these black circles represent the strength of the wind gust.

“So you can see still pretty windy, especially so across parts of Scotland, and also parts of North-East England.

Met Office issues yellow weather warning for strong winds

Ms Kirkwood added: “Temperatures today, what a difference from yesterday it will feel that bit milder, we’re looking widely 11-13 degrees.

“Now you can see that as we go through the evening and overnight, cloud and some spots of rain.

“It’s a weather front, and overnight it’s going to start to push Northwards, once again.

“There will be further rain coming in across the West of Scotland into Northern England.

Ms Kirkwood added: “And then pushing into Eastern-England, and not a particularly cold night for most.

“Perhaps in prone areas, where the cloud remains broken in Aberdeenshire.

“See a touch of frost and some clearer skies across parts of Wales.

“So tomorrow we start off with all this cloud, some spots of light.”

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