Belarus hospital full of dead Russians as docs sign NDAs, report claims

Bodies of dead and injured Russian fighters are piling up throughout hospitals in Belarus as the brutal war in Ukraine rages on.

Doctors have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements and threatened with losing their job if they tell people what’s happening, according to Radio Free Europe.

One local told the outlet: “The number of bodies was unbelievably large.

“People at the Mozyr station were simply shocked by the number of bodies being put on the train.”

Putin’s fighters killed in battle are loaded onto trucks that take them to the morgue before being sent back to Russia, residents claimed.

US officials say around 2,000 invading soldiers have already been killed in the two weeks since the war started – but Ukrainian estimates say it could be as many as 12,000.

One video showed truckloads of military vehicles progressing through Belarus as cities Homiel, Mazyr, and Naroulia take in corpses and injured soldiers.

Another clip showed frozen Russian bodies left scattered on the floor after intense fighting with Ukrainian forces.

One top Ukrainian soldier said corpses of enemy soldiers would become “food for stray dogs”.

General Dmytro Marchenko warned: “We’re not able to retrieve them because of continuing Russian fire in those areas…

“If they have committed crimes, they will be tried but they will be alive. The rest of them will become dog food.”

Three major Russian generals have already died in the grim battle for Ukraine.

Western intelligence says Putin’s army has been taken aback by the strength of resistance.

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Former RAF commander Edward Stringer told Sky News it had gone “very badly wrong” for the invaders.

He said: “If you’ve lost three generals, and you’re claiming you’ve only lost about 500 troops, something doesn’t add up.”

Moral is reportedly low amongst Russian soldiers and the thousands of casualties are continuing to pile up with the conflict showing no signs of ending any time soon.

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