Bidens brutal snub to EU as hopes of Western Alliance crushed

China doesn’t take Biden seriously says US senator

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On Friday, the US president closed a week of UN General Assembly meetings by inviting the leaders of “the Quad”, Australia, India, Japan and the US to the White House. After assembling at the White House, the Quad leaders declared in a statement: “The occasion of the Quad summit is an opportunity to refocus ourselves and the world on the Indo-Pacific and our vision for what we hope to achieve.” The statement added: “We also welcome the September 2021 EU Strategy for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.”

This underlined that the US president’s focus is on Asia.

Mr Biden has shown in his first months in office that he is concentrating on strengthening US allegiance with Asian allies rather than rejuvenating the Western alliance, with the EU.

The EU may become relegated to a regional alliance rather than the primary one.

This has come as a surprise for European leaders who thought the incoming president would strengthen ties with the bloc that were weakened during Donald Trump’s administration.

The Quad has expressed a determination to develop a global technology supply chain with democratic countries that excludes Chinese involvement.

This move has contrasted with European countries that have chosen to continue their economic ties with Beijing.

However, this challenges Mr Biden’s expressed wish to curtail China’s technological progress.

Mr Biden’s moves have begun to unsettle EU leaders.

Josep Borell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, expressed the bloc’s concern over the new Indo-Pacific strategic alliance with the UK and Australia.

This strategic alliance saw the cancellation of a contract for Australia to purchase French-built submarines.

Mr Borell at a news conference on Friday said: “Before coming here, the same day, which I was presenting the Indo-Pacific strategy of the European Union, the same day at the same hour, the US, Australia, United Kingdom were presenting their defensive alliance on the Indo-Pacific.

“Certainly, it is not just about a submarine deal.


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“It has wider implications for our relationship with the US.

“The lack of communications and confrontation between the close partners has created real difficulties.

“This is a not-good image of the coordination between strong allies.

“This is not good for the West.”

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