Bitcoin sex workers complain clients have ditched cryptocurrency for actual cash

Sex workers who jumped on the Bitcoin trend have slammed customers who have ditched the cryptocurrency.

But rather than horny people mainly in the United States choosing another form of digital currency, they've actually decided to go back to using good old cash.

Bitcoin has taken a dramatic slump in the last year or so, and at one point lost around half of its value.

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It is currently valued at around £16,972 – whereas one year ago it was sitting at around £34, 379.

And it appears that the value crash has seen customers of sex workers return to using cash.

One sex worker, known only as Bitcoinstripper told Coin Desk that the currency is “significantly less common” among clients now.

And colleague Maya Kendrick said: “They're booking shorter dates than they were before May.

“I've been getting less requests from crypto clients in general and more from other professions like surgeons.

“Clients new to crypto have been hesitant to pay with it now because they see it as more volatile.”

One major issue for the currency, apart from the volatility, is the lack of banks and exchanges willing to take the currency.

Many countries still don't see the digital coin as a real currency.

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And Bitcoinstripper pointed to the fact that there has been an increase in “surveillance and bans” against sex workers trying to exchange it at banks.

She said: “Each market cycle brings greater, faster, cheaper chain analysis.

“More exchanges and banks refuse to do business with people who’s income comes from sex work, due either to ever encroaching regulations or company policies responding to political pressures.

“Each cycle we need to be more careful of protecting our personal data from clients. In bear markets, in times and places of low liquidity, it becomes even harder to hide certain transactions

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