Blind mystic Baba Vanga’s 2022 predictions – from alien invasion to new pandemic

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Blind mystic Baba Vanga may have died in 1996 but her predictions for each year since have continued into 2022.

The Bulgarian believed she was blessed with psychic powers at the age of 12 when she lost her eyesight during a storm.

Her most famous visions to have come true were of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Barack Obama's election as US President.

But we will all be hoping Baba Vanga is way off the mark with her predictions for 2022 as they make for grim reading.

Her miserable forecasts for 2022 including yet another pandemic, an alien invasion and a Biblical locust storm in India.

Here are a list of her predictions put together by BolaVip.

Alien invasion

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If we have not already been visited by extra-terrestrials on Earth then 2022 is the year that changes, Baba Vanga predicted.

She hastened to add however that our alien arrivals may not be the friendliest of beings.

According to the Bulgarian mystic, an asteroid called ‘Oumuamua’ will be fired to Earth by aliens on a mission to discover what life – if any – is on our rock in the Milky Way.

Earthquakes and tsunamis

We can expect more devastating earthquakes and tsunamis from the new year according to the 'Nostradamus of the Balkans'.

Specifically in countries across Asia and Australia which Baba said 2022 will see “intense bouts of floods”.

Yet another pandemic

As if the world has not suffered enough from Covid-19 and the new mutated variant of Omicron, another pandemic is on its way at least according to the Baba's 2022 predictions.

The clairvoyant predicted that the effects of climate change and a warming environment would melt a lethal substance in Siberia where it has been frozen for years.

Once released from the ice whatever hosts the virus will go on to infect the entire globe in a doomsday prophecy.

Drinking water shortage

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While some corners of the Earth will suffer from deadly flooding and horror tsunamis, Baba says others will fall short of any water whatsoever.

She warned cities over the next 12 months are set to face a dangerously low supply of drinking water.

As a result the mystic added there will be serious political consequences as different states scramble to find an alternative source of water.

India hit by locusts

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As if the above natural disasters and inter-galactic space invaders were not enough for humans to worry about in 2022, Baba Vanga reckons India is in for a particular onslaught.

She said as temperatures in India hit an unbearable 50C, a swarm of locusts will set upon farmland and wreak havoc on crops the nation depends on.

With its agricultural plots devastated by locusts, millions in India will helplessly fall to immense famine.

Consumed by screens

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Baba Vaga's final prediction for the new year is thankfully the least frightening by quite some distance.

Though it may have been an intimidating thought at the time, it comes as no surprise that 2022 will see us glued to screens in all their shapes and sizes like never before.

As virtual reality technology advances at the same soaring rate as social media and massive streaming shows Baba Vanga looks to have been on the money with this one.

Let's just hope it is this prediction alone that comes true.

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