Bloke pretending to be cop officer arrested after pulling over real cop

A bungling fake cop was arrested after he tried to pull over a real police officer.

Christian Katan Mansoor, 18, flashed red and blue lights on the BMW he was driving during an "attempted traffic stop" in Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA.

But he didn't expect to encounter a real off-the-clock cop.

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According to NBC News, Mansoor positioned his car behind the off-duty officer before driving past. But the female officer followed him.

During the confrontation, she identified herself as police and asked Mansoor for his credentials.

“He claimed he was a Detroit police officer from the 12th Precinct," the sheriff’s office said. "She asked him for identification and he said he needed to retrieve it from his car. He went back to his car and drove away."

But Mansoor was later collared as he switched licence plates from one vehicle to another. There was a short chase before he was taken into custody.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said: "Individuals that pose as police officers present a threat to the public and undermine legitimate law enforcement.

"Thankfully, this individual was caught and is being held accountable for this incident. But if you had a similar incident with this described automobile or pictured individual please contact us.”

Mansoor was formally arrested on Wednesday (April 5) on a misdemeanour charge of impersonating a public officer. He was released on a $5,000 bond.

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