Bloodthirsty gang The DownTown Posse took over city in Christmas murder spree

A terrifying spree of crimes and killings gripped an entire city with fear, claiming the lives of six people and injuring two more.

Now, 30 years on from the crime spree it is still the worst the city of Dayton, Ohio, USA, has ever seen.

In a terrifying outbreak of violence, four "bored" individuals went on a murderous rampage on Christmas Eve 1992 until December 26.

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The gang was led by Marvallous Keene, 19, who was joined by his girlfriend Laura Taylor, 16, DeMarcus Smith, 19, and his girlfriend Heather Matthews, 20.

The crimes of the gang were described by theBlack True Crime Podcastas an “insane” “violent Christmas crime spree that had 1992 Dayton Ohio living a nightmare.”

The terrible run of events began with Taylor and Matthews trying to rob 34-year-old General Motors worker Joseph Wilkerson using the guise of wanting to have sex with him.

But at his house, Wilkerson was soon tied up and his house robbed.

During the burglary a gun was found by the Downtown Posse – they turned it on Wilkerson, killing him with a shot to the chest.

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He is also understood to have been shot in the head according to testimony from Matthews at her trial later on.

For the next three days, Wilkerson’s house became their base, according toThe Crime Wire, using his car to help them with their crimes.

It is also understood to have become a place where they would party, despite the horrors they committed.

The same night as the killing of Wilkerson, the Posse headed out again.

They found 18-year-old mum of one Danita Gullette at a payphone and told her to give them everything she had.

When she agreed and handed it over, they shot her five times. She was pronounced dead on the way to hospital.

They then turned their sights on the ex-boyfriend of Matthews, Jeffrey Wright, who they found outside his home that night.

DeMarcus shot him four times in the legs but he didn’t die and was able to escape, surving the terror.

On Christmas morning, the group headed out again, this time in search of Taylor’s ex, Richard Maddox.

She tricked him into a car ride – in his motor – but they were tailed by the rest of the Posse.

When he became suspicious of being followed, Taylor shot him in the temple and jumped out of the car.

Things quietened down for the rest of Christmas Day, but the Posse came back out in full force for Boxing Day.

They headed to a Short-Stop Mini Market where 38-year-old mother of three Sarah Abraham was working.

They shot her in the head two times before turning the gun on Jones Pettus, who was also in the store.

He was shot in the stomach and the hand but would ultimately survive – Abraham did not. They got around £35 for their efforts.

Two more people had been circling the gang and had, in the eyes of the core posse, been witnesses to their crimes.

Wendy Cottrill, 16, and Marvin Washington, 18, were killed by them for the offence of knowing too much, Matthews would later admit in court.

The gang was eventually caught by a cop who ran the plates on a car that was suspicious, and when they didn’t match were brought in by police.

The gang received different punishments.

Keene was given the death penalty and was killed with lethal injection on July 21, 2009, while the other three members of the crew were given life behind bars.

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