Boris has done the right thing as Lib Dem MP heaps praise on PM over Finland agreement

Finland and Sweden joining NATO a 'good thing' says Jardine

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Boris Johnson has visited Sweden and Finland and agreed a mutual security deals with both countries which would see the UK providing assistance in case either nation come under attack. In light of PM’s move amid Finland and Sweden’s possible decision to join NATO, Lib Dem MP Christina Jardine showed support to the Prime Minister and said Mr Johnson has “done the right thing” as “we are in a situation where we need our allies to work together”. Ms Jardine also supported Sweden and Finland’s possible intention to join the alliance as she highlighted it is important that “none of our countries feels alone against a potential threat of a Russian invasion”.

Mr Jardine said: “I think the Prime Minister has done the right thing.

“I think we should support and welcome the agreement that the Prime Minister has signed.

“Because we are in a situation where we need our allies to work together.

“We have seen what has happened in Ukraine.

“And we cannot allow any suggestion to get out there that we would allow Putin to take this aggression further.

“And threaten the other countries around Russia.

“We know that Ukraine’s desire to join NATO was instrumental in taking actions.

“[Putin] did it because of that.

“And I think that if Finland and Sweden want to join NATO, that is a good thing.

“And should be working with our allies.”

She concluded: “We should be working towards mutual protection. 

“And ensuring that none of our counties feels alone against the threat of the potential threat of a Russian invasion, which we have seen in Ukraine, is a very real potential if Putin thinks that that country is weak and not protected and not part of NATO”. 


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The pacts, signed by PM Boris Johnson, also stated that Finland and Sweden would assist the UK in case of crisis.

The security agreement comes after Finland and Sweden’s possible decision to join NATO as in response to the potential threat posed by Russia in relation to their territorial proximity to the Russian border.

Moscow has repeatedly warned Sweden and Finland against joining the alliance as the move would have “serious military consequences”, claimed Putin.

In light of the two countries’ announcement of possible intention to join the alliance, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said: “[Russia] is today the most direct threat to the work oder with their barbaric war against Ukraine, and its worrying pact with China”.

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