Boxer hunts down ring girl he fell in love with using TikTok – and she replies

A ring girl has agreed to meet a man who begged TikTok users to help him "find her" after watching her at a boxing match and totally falling "in love" with her.

In a TikTok video, user @evilheroyt shows viewers a clip of the mystery woman – a tanned brunette wearing tiny hotpants – and writes in the on-screen text: "I fell in love with the ring girl.

"She even blew me a kiss. But she left before I could get her number."

He then pulls a sad face and begs people for assistance with the caption: "Who is she help me find her."

The video was watched more than one million times and the ring girl, actress Paola Duque, was eventually notified of it and decided to come out and make her own clip in response.

"Hey that's me in the video, hi everyone," she said via her @paola_duque account.

The story didn't end there because the emboldened bloke, who is himself a boxer, decided to up the stakes.

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He said: "TikTok, I can't believe you found her for me! That being said… Paola, will you go on a date with me?"

Six days later, Paola made a video in which she said: "OK, OK… I got your message.

"You seem like a nice guy so I'll tell you what – I'll see you at your fight, we'll talk there and we'll see what happens."

The reserved, but not altogether cold, answer sparked the imaginations of those who had been following the story and fancied themselves as matchmakers – with many hoping they really do end up as an item.

One commented: "Bro I'm hoping you end up with that girl, I am wishing you the best of luck and don't be too selfish."

Another user joked: "Did TikTok become Tinder?"

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