Boy, 13, ends up with teeth in his nose after horrific water slide accident

A boy was rushed to hospital after falling flat on his face when attempting to climb a water slide that had the water turned off on the second day of a family holiday.

Louis Richards, 13, from Bridgend, was on on a week-long trip in Antalya, Turkey, with his mum, nan, and his cousin, when he suffered serious injuries to his face, requiring surgery.

His teeth had been pushed all they way up into his nasal cavity so they had to be re-positioned and splinted, all while he was awake, Wales Online reported.

His mum, Kelly Griffiths, said: "The kids my son had been at the pool with had come up to the room and said 'Louis' knocked his front teeth out'.

"Louis and some other kids had been climbing up the water slide after the water had been turned off. His friend had made it up and had reached out his hand to pull Louis but he couldn't grab it and fell flat on his face.

"His cousin Mason had carried him to the showers and there was blood everywhere. When I got down there they were already rushing him through in to the doctors room at the hotel and 40 mins later we were on our way to hospital."

Kelly added that they were sent to the emergency dentist where Louis was seen by an oral surgeon.

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"His teeth had been pushed all they way up into his nasal cavity, so it looked like he had a broken nose," she said.

"Having been a dental nurse, I knew exactly how bad this could be, and it only made me worry more. These were his adult teeth so I knew he was at risk of losing them."

Louis was operated on there at the dental surgery, where they gave him drugs to ease the pain, but was not knocked out and so witnessed the entire operation.

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Kelly said: "They gave him five injections of local anaesthetic and they cut his gum open and pulled the teeth back down and had them positioned by the splint. I think he was just in shock, in this country he would have been put to sleep."

"The holiday was ruined after that, and we were only on day two. We just wanted to come home. Louis couldn't do anything, he couldn't eat or drink properly and he couldn't go in the pool."

When the family returned to Wales, Louis was referred to Dr Rohini Mohan, Swansea Bay’s clinical lead for Community Dental Services, who successfully treated Louis at the Neath Port Talbot Resource Centre following the August, 2019, incident – and gave him back a perfect smile.

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