Boy, 7, rescued from lair of ‘dark web paedophile’ two months after disappearing

A seven-year-old boy who disappeared two months ago has been rescued from the lair of a 26-year-old suspected paedophile who is a notorious figure on the dark web.

The child went missing on September 28 after failing to return home from his school in a village east of Moscow.

Russian special forces have now found the boy, who is apparently unharmed after his lengthy ordeal.

Footage of the dramatic raid shows security officers cutting through a reinforced metal door, behind which the boy was being held.

The rescue operation came after a tip-off from Interpol, which had been alerted that the abduction was potentially linked to a prominent user of the shady "dark web".

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Police forces in several different countries provided information to help in the effort to locate said user, and hopefully the boy with him.

Russian authorities used the intelligence to narrow down their search, eventually identifying the suspect as a 26-year-old man from Makarikha, which is around 185 miles (298km) from Moscow.

The boy's father said his son had been examined by medics and "was doing well" in an interview with Russia's Tass news agency.

"He is healthy, and hasn't lost weight," he said.

Specialists have also been brought in to help support the boy and his family after the traumatic experience.

Interpol's secretary-general Jürgen Stock said: "Today, a young boy is back where he belongs – with his family – thanks to dedicated specialist officers and swift action by authorities around the world.

"While we're truly delighted that this story has a safe ending, many children are still out there awaiting rescue.

"Successes like these only renew Interpol's commitment to connecting its member countries to protect children from abusers."

The dark web, which refers to parts of the internet that aren't accessible via search engines and require specific software to access, has long been linked to criminal activity such as human trafficking.

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