Boy dies a month after dad killed by lightning that passed through held hands

A six-year-old has died after a month on life support when he was struck by lightning.

Grayson Boggs, six, had been holding hands with his father, 34-year-old Matthew, when a bolt struck the man.

Matthew was killed instantly with the current passing through him and into his son on the freak May 15 incident in Texas, US.

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Grayson finally passed away from his injuries on June 16 having sustained severe brain damage.

Matthew had been collecting Grayson from the school bus when the tragedy struck.

The pair had been walking up their driveway in Valley Mills, Texas, hand in hand and had just said they loved each other according to Angela Boggs, Matthew's mother.

Speaking to KWTX, she said: “[Matthew] had just got done telling Grayson that he loved him, he said 'I love you buddy', that's when the lightning came down.”

“I always took care of him, because he is the one god gave to me.

“Now my responsibility is to take care of my grandbabies.”

Grayson suffered oxygen deprivation after leaving to brain injuries – he was placed on life support in a coma shortly after the strike.

Taking to social media the young lad’s aunt said: “Words can't describe this.

“You fought so hard through it all, now you'll be able to rest my handsome funny little baby nephew.”

Initial signs had indicated his condition was improving, but this turned out not to be the case and was taken off the ventilator three days before his death at 5am after doctors concluded that his situation would not improve.

In aGoFundMe, his family said in a post the day before he passed away: “It's been one month since tragedy struck this family.

“The strength that this family has shown is inspiring. Grayson is still hanging on but is on comfort care.

“Please just pray that we keep him comfortable at this time and pray for healing for the family.

“We may not know what God's plan is, but we know he has his arms wrapped around Grayson at this time."

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