Brave fella jumps into croc-infested waters to snap some 600-pound beasts

This plucky diver went snap-happy when he risked his life to capture astonishing shots of 12-foot-long crocodiles.

One photograph shows Christian Kemper so close to the mouth of the 600-pound beast that he was able to place his hand on its side.

Another daring shot shows a crocodile jumping out of the Caribbean Sea to chomp down on some lionfish, right before the photographer.

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The TV journalist, from Berlin, Germany, dove into 25 degrees Celsius water in Banco Chinchorro, Mexico to get up close and personal with seven fierce and deadly crocodiles.

He said: “Am I insane? A little bit. I like to call it a calculable risk”.

“That’s why I wanted to get in the water with them, to better understand their behaviour and show people that crocodiles aren’t bloodthirsty killers.”

The Daily Star recently reported how the shocking moment a man punched a crocodile that snatched his dog after it almost devoured him, was captured on camera.

Alister MacPhee, 37, was seen wading knee-deep in the water at the Bloomfield boat ramp, north of Port Douglas, Australia with his rottweiler dog at around 5.30pm (February 22).

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Suddenly, a huge crocodile lunged at him from the water and clamped it's jaws down on his leg.

MacPhee was briefly dragged into the Bloomfield River before escaping to land, nursing the wound on his leg.

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