Brit prisoner attempts prison break plot by switching places with twin brother

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A hopeful jailed puppy-snatcher attempted to escape jail by switching places with his identical twin brother as he visited him in prison.

Elhaj Diarrassouba, 24, almost managed to finish his sentence his early and sneak out of jail simply by handing his prison armband to his twin.

But the pesky criminal was caught as he got ready to walk out with his family due to an eagle-eyed prison officer noticing the different clothes his brother was wearing when he went back to his brother's cell, The Sun reports.

A prison source said: “Families can mingle in the visiting hall.

“They are not sitting across desks with glass in front of them and hence they can get closer.

“At some stage, the brothers were able to swap an arm band used to identify inmates.

“At the end of the visit, the brother went to join other prisoners who were going back to their cells.

“A sharp-eyed officer spotted the difference in clothes and apprehended him.

“It was fortunate as Elhaj was just about to walk out.”

The incident led landed the robber on the Escape List and has now been relocated to Category A Woodhill jail in Milton Keynes.

A spokesperson for G4S said: “Vigilant staff immediately intervened and there was no security breach.”

A Northamptonshire Police spokesperson said: “An investigation into the incident took place.”

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The firm said it was proud that the security measures had worked so effectively.

Diarrassouba was convicted last year for robbery and trying to nab a £3,000 puppy.

The Londoner travelled with accomplice Joshua McCook, 23, to South Wales to buy an American Bulldog puppy with fake £50 notes, Swansea Crown Court heard.

The deal went awry when the dog-breeder noticed the cash was completely fake, leading to both men putting on balaclavas and stealing the animal at knife point.

The pair sped off Diarrassouba’s girlfriend’s car and luckily police were able to quickly trace the rubbish thieves back to her address.

Diarrassouba was sentenced to five years in prison, and McCook to three years and nine months.

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