Britains thickest thieves caught as they drove round in car with GPS tracker

Brainless burglars drove around in a hire car fitted with a GPS tracker as they went on a crime spree.

Luke La-Fon, 34, and Jake Hall, 33, stole jewellery and valuables over a four-week period. When they were spotted on the road by police they sped off, throwing away a pillow case full of valuables as they were chased.

The pair then dumped the car, leaving a mobile phone inside. Officers traced the jewellery to an earlier burglary, linked the phone to La-Fon and soon realised the car had a tracker built in.

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And after contacting the hire firm they were able to put the vehicle at the scene of the burglaries in Kent.

At Woolwich Crown Court, La-Fon, of Gravesend, pleaded guilty to the nine burglaries in Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge and Sevenoaks.

He was jailed for 46 months. Hall, of Brixton, south London, confessed to six of the burglaries and was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

A spokesman for Kent Police said: “On December 6, a hire car was spotted by a patrol on the A2 near Gravesend and the officers sought to stop the driver.

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“The vehicle did not stop and was driven dangerously and at high speeds before it was abandoned.

“Enquiries later identified the seized phone belonged to Luke La-Fon.

“The hire car had been rented by one of his associates and a tracker in the vehicle showed it travelling to the [crime] scenes.”

Detective Constable Dan Bister of Kent Police said: “They had no consideration for the impact their actions would have on the victims.”

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