Brits warned as thousands of venomous spider crabs invade popular UK beach

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Brits have been warned to brace themselves when travelling to Cornwall after thousands of venomous spider crabs were spotted by beach-goers.

Holidaymakers have been alerted to a mass invasion of the crustaceans in St Ives following record-breaking temperatures in the UK.

The creepy crawlies stunned travellers after they swarmed shallow waters at Porthgwidden Beach in huge numbers, just weeks after the site became overcrowded with jellyfish.

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It comes shortly after a snorkeler was attacked by a shark while on a diving trip last week, making it the first recorded shark attack off Britain in 175 years.

However, some snorkelers were brave enough to get back into the waters and witness the latest discovery to hit Cornwall.

It has been reported that although spider crabs are not uncommon in Britain, they are usually not found in large groups.

But the peculiar sight could become more frequent in the summer, due to the rising sea temperatures, reports The Sun.

The spider crabs have a venomous bite which is poisonous to their prey but harmless to humans. However, tourists should still be on the lookout as they can still give a harsh bite.

It has been reported that they tend to group in large numbers in a bid to stay safe as they moult their tough exoskeleton.

Marine photographer Kate Lowe spotted the crabs in the same week that the snorkeler was attacked around the Cornish coast, off Penzance.

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"I go snorkelling most of the time throughout the year but I have never seen spider crabs in such numbers," she said.

"When we turned up at the beach it looked as though there were lots of dark rocks under the surface.

"But it turned out that there were thousands of crabs just two or three steps into the water.

"It was just really incredible, they were only knee-deep. I was able to float on the water above them and tried not to step on them.

"A lot of the tourists were squealing at the sight of them.

"Their shedded shells were just floating around."

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