Builder cut in half by forklift explains how he poops and farts with no bum

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A builder who had everything below his waist sliced off by a falling forklift has revealed how he "poops" without a bum.

Labourer Loren Schauers, 20, became an internet sensation after miraculously surviving a freak 50ft drop from a bridge which led to a life-saving hemicorporectomy operation.

The lad who was just 17 years old at the time said he'd accepted he would never walk again before the surgery because he'd seen the state of his limbs after the incident on September 27, 2019.

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Loren and his doting wife Sabia Reiche, 23, have been eager to bring fans and admirers of their struggle along with them on their journey ever since, through social media and YouTube.

For all the hardship and physical pain the couple have endured, Sabia and Loren have maintained a cracking sense of humour across Instagram and TikTok.

Unsurprisingly for a man with no private parts, a couple of curiosities from followers dominated question and answer videos early on.

One of them being how Loren's digestive system works in the absence of key bodily functions.

Sabia addressed the interest in a YouTube question and answer video they filmed from Loren's hospital bed at the time.

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She said: "The biggest question that has been asked since our original video is how Loren goes to the bathroom."

The inspiring bloke from Montana, US, elaborated: "A colostomy which is my colon pulled out of my body so I can poop.

"And I have bilateral nephrostomies, they're tubes that go into my kidneys that drain my kidneys into bags so therefore that is how I poop, pee and fart."

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As a result Sabia's several daily include changing her husband's colostomy bags and showering him. Loren has previously joked that he is the "only person that can shower on YouTube without being demonetised or having to blur anything out".

The second most common query naturally leads to a racier question.

"We get questions like, ‘does he have any private parts?’” Sabia said. “He’s amputated below the waist. If that doesn’t answer your questions, Google hemicorporectomy.”

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But despite the life the two have carved out for each other, they say there is one question that still irks them: How do they have sex?

Loren once said that doctors had made efforts to save some of his sperm but decided it wasn't "viable".

Responding to the question of sex on a Q&A, Loren's wife Sabia said the question was "disrespectful".

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She said: "A question we get repeatedly is how do we have sex and how do we become intimate.

"That is a very personal question that we are never going to answer or allude to as it's very disrespectful.

"You wouldn't ask a random couple on the street how they have sex and just because our life circumstances are different, it doesn't give people the right to ask."


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