Cardborghini: Cardboard Lamborghini sells for $10,000 on Trade Me

Cardboard car lovers unite – a crafty Lamborghini has sold for an impressive $10,420.

The cardboard Lamborghini Aventador was made by New Zealand YouTuber David Jones out of just cardboard.

The unique auction attracted 132 bids, 4054 watchers and closed last night.

The cardboard Lamborghini was auctioned on Trade Me and all money raised will be donated to Starship children’s hospital.

The DIY project took two-and-a-half weeks to build including one week to complete the cardboard body and one-and-a-half weeks to create the “driving skeleton”.

Jones decided to build his own because he couldn’t afford a real one.

According to the Trade Me listing, the car is being sold because it’s taking up too much room.

It was made using an old TV box and cardboard from Warehouse Stationery.

“Selling because we don’t have enough space in the garage and thought rather than throwing it in the trash why not see if we can’t raise some money for Starship!”

The new owner also gets an original owner’s handbook, a cardborghini poster alongside an official unopened cardborghini repair kit.

But be warned it’s not in perfect condition as it is a bit floppy in places, has cracks in the windshield and a missing driver’s side window.

The lucky bidder is based in Christchurch and Jones is now working out how to carefully ship it to him.

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