Cartel warns this will happen to you in grave message to rivals left on corpse

A deadly cartel in Mexico has warned other rival gangs and cartels with an eerie message left near to a dead body, with the sign warning "this will happen to you".

The message against the cartel Las Golfas appeared last week as part of a CDN campaign for control of Camargo town in Tamaualipas, Mexico.

Reports say that a man around the age of 60 was found dead with clear signs of violence in Rancho La Gloria, located in Camargo.

Next to his body was a brief message that was roughly translated as: "This is going to happen to all who support 'Las Golfas' sincerely CDN ZZ".

Reports from Borderland Beat suggest that the term "Las Golfas" is a play on words that the Cartel del Noreste (CDN) and other enemy groups of the Gulf Cartel often use.

The change of wording for the Mexican threat changes the meaning of the gang title, changing their name to "Female Gulf Members," with "gulf" being used as slang for "whore" in the threat.

Following the threat, a family from Rancho La Gloria was reported missing and their vehicle was found with bloodstains inside, with reports unclear on whether the two incidents were related.

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The CDN originate from a group formerly known as Los Zetas, which first split from the CDG cartel in 2010, and since then the two sides have been entrenched in Camargo.

Warring over borders has been a frequent and violent issue for the many cartel groups, some of which split off from CDG and formed their own factions throughout the area.

Reports indicate that Los Metros is currently in control of the Camargo area, with borders between various factions and cartels "relatively stable" according to Borderland Beat.

CDN forces were also said to be rallying around the recently released "El Tory," who has been tasked with regaining ground in Nuevo León.

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