Cat kicked around and left to die on the streets ended up vomiting rubber

A strong-willed cat with a habit of eating rubber has miraculously survived after being left to die on the streets.

Felix, a black and white feline, was found emaciated and weighed less than 2kg when he was rushed to the Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Barrow Gurney, on the outskirts of Bristol.

Animal carers believed the six-year-old cat was "hours away from death" when he was vomiting up pieces of rubber.

They took him to Vale Vets in Portishead, where veterinarians found his internal organs had been pushed into his chest cavity, a sign that he may have been kicked while on the streets.

A hernia was also discovered in his abdomen, Bristol Live reports.

The vets had to remove several pieces of rubber from his stomach before undertaking the tricky job of putting all his organs back in the right place.

Holly Hedge fundraiser Hannah Goodwin-Sharman said: "He had a body score of one out of nine and was so thin that he had a dent in his nose which is a sign that he had no fat reserves at all left in his body.

"If we hadn’t had taken him in, it is likely he would have died within a few hours."

After the successful surgery, Hannah took Felix back home where he began to recover.

In the clip Hannah shared, the lovely cat is seen curling up next to her and purrs loudly when she rubs on his back gently.

However, two weeks later he developed breathing difficulties and had to be rushed to the vets where they found fluid in his abdomen and around his lungs.

Thanks to the love and care of Hannah, the Holly Hedge team and Vale Vets, Felix is now making a good recovery.

"He is the loveliest cat in the world,” said Hannah.

"He taps me on the face when he wants food and a cuddle.

“Now he is so full of life. He’s doing so well and we are continuing to monitor his progress.

"But saving him has cost a substantial amount of money and we have launched an appeal to help us with those costs."

Anyone who wants to offer a loving home, or make a donation to help cover the cost of Felix’s lifesaving treatment can click here.

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