Cats caught red-handed stealing other felines’ kittens leave viewers creasing

A number of videos in which cats sneakily abduct or even "adopt" the kittens of other felines have left viewers crying with laughter.

Some with a maternal instinct cuddle up to the tiny kittens, with one even looking after them having suffered a miscarriage.

The kittens are never harmed and, in some cases, the mother cat looks relieved at the extra babysitting help.

Nurturing cats have even adopted orphaned kittens and helped them to thrive in foster homes.

Daily Star Online has selected some of the most adorable videos of the phenomenon, which is actually quite natural in feral cat colonies.

Grey cat 'steals' ginger kittens

In the hilarious clip, shown at the top of this page, a tabby cat is lying in a nest of blankets looking utterly content as she looks after three ginger kittens.

Judging by their size and lack of clumsy movements, the kittens are just weeks old.

They are also a remarkably different colour to the "mother", pointed out by the woman filming.

She asks: "What are you doing? Those aren't your babies. They're hers."

The camera then pans over to a ginger-and-white cat having a nap on the other side of the room, not looking the slightest bit bothered about the ongoing "kitten-napping".

Unsurprisingly, the clip was a hit on TikTok and was "liked" almost 250,000 times when it was uploaded by user @dork_a_tron21 with the caption: "Betty the baby stealer!"

One viewer joked: "The mama cat was like 'mind your own business, Karen! I need a break!'"

"They both seem happy with the arrangement," wrote another.

"Co-parenting at its finest," commented someone else.

Cat helps 'co-parent' after miscarriage

In another sweet tale of joint-kitty parenting, a black cat and a tabby were filmed curling up together in a box with a litter of kittens between them.

The video shows the newborn grey and black kittens, still blind and helpless, wriggle around in the nest of fluff while both their mothers surrounding them.

Both the cats are able to feed the newborns.

In the caption, TikTok user @poshwithangie explains that they are "co-parenting" Ninja's kittens after Toby, the tabby cat, suffered a miscarriage.

She said they now spend their time "nursing and cleaning the babies 24/7" and take turns to give each other a break.

"That is the sweetest thing!" gushed one viewer.

"And there is my cat, doesn't get out of her bed," joked another fan.

Mums feed cats together

A video of a pair of mum cats feeding their kittens together melted hearts on Tiktok when it was uploaded by user

In the sweet clip, the female cats – one tortoiseshell and one tabby – lie in a heap of fluff feeding both of their broods of kittens.

There are four kittens visible, one black, one ginger, and the other two are both pale sandy colours.

In the on-screen caption, the owner jokes: "Featuring Neptune and Atlas fighting over one nipple like Luna doesn't have eight."

The cute video was "liked" more than 211,000 times on the video-sharing app and people said they had known felines to share kitten parenting too.

"I used to work at animal shelter and we had three different pairs of lesbian moms that came together and would scream if they weren't together," wrote one.

A second wrote: "The tiny kitten fight had me dead."

"The lil bean fight is so cute," said another.

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