CCTV footage shows horrifying moment bus passenger hit by Lime scooter

The terrifying moment a woman was violently bowled over by a Lime e-scooter as she stepped off a bus can now be revealed.

Debra Christensen suffered serious head injuries after being “pummelled” by the scooter as she walked off a bus on Auckland’s Fanshawe St on her way to work in June 2019.

Auckland District Court has today released CCTV footage showing the force of the collision throwing Christensen partially under the bus.

Pedestrians nearby and the scooter rider rushed to her aid as she lay on the ground.

Bus passengers looking on at the collision are visibly shocked.

The rider, Mitchell McIntyre, was found guilty of careless and inconsiderate vehicle operation after a judge-alone trial last month. He has been ordered to pay $4000 in reparations to Christensen.

In her victim impact statement read in court, Christensen said: “Clearly the speed pummelled me, turning me into a human spear, my feet not even touching the ground.

“Onlookers were shocked to the core.”

The now 65-year-old said she woke up face-down on the road.

Christensen said she was concussed, needed a brain scan and had injuries to her cheek, chin and hand.

There is no record of the speed at which McIntyre was travelling but footage shows it was faster than walking pace, Judge Field said.

“CCTV footage shows the defendant approaching on the scooter, becoming aware of the complainant on the bus and attempting to swerve, unfortunately swerving towards the bus rather than away from it,” he said.

The crash has prompted Christensen to call for greater safety measures around bus stops.

“We believe we are safe when we get off the bus at a bus stop – but in fact the law has not determined that – so we need to look at safety around bus stops,” she said.

Christensen said her head injuries have caused her to have “a pretty short wick”. The nerves in her face took a year to heal.

“[E-scooters] are fun but … they are very solid so when you hit someone, we are flesh and we hurt and we break.

“I really ask [scooter riders] to take caution and just keep away from buses and cars and be aware of the general public.

“Ride with a bit more caution please.”

McIntyre apologised to Christensen at the time of the collision, the court heard.

Defence counsel Alistair Haskett said safety measures have since been provided with the scooters, and warnings for people signing on to apps on their mobile devices, but these were not present at the time.

During the trial, defence counsel Alistair Haskett said McIntyre epitomised broader problems that resulted from authorities making motorcars less attractive to people.

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