Charles Bronson tells court I havent p***ed and fumes well be here all day

Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson began his latest bid for freedom after nearly 50 years behind bars at a public parole hearing today as he told the court: "I haven't p***ed myself"

Bronson, dubbed Britain's most violent inmate, wore his signature sunglasses as he fought for his release after spending most of the last half a century in jail.

Flanked by his legal team the 70-year-old spoke to confirm he wanted to give evidence during the three-day hearing to support his release from jail.

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Lawyer Dean Kingham said he had a dossier of 738 pages that would be heard by parole board staff, psychologist witnesses and prison officers.

But during the first hour of the hearing today (Monday, March 6), Charles repeatedly swore and sighed, growing frustrated while the panel asked questions, Bronson said: "We will be here all f***ing day, won't we?"

When the panel took a short 10-minute break, he became agitated and fumed: “I’m getting bored mate, I’m getting bored. I know it’s my hearing, but it’s all pathetic stuff."

At one point Bronson, who had been sipping a small carton of juice through a straw, also briefly stood up and began asking for a tissue stating: "I haven't p***ed myself."

Bronson was granted permission to have his case heard in public after questioning the length of time he has been in prison after he was first locked up in 1974.

He is only the second inmate in UK legal history to have his Parole Board case heard in public.

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He is only the second inmate in UK legal history to have his Parole Board case heard in public.The hearing told Bronson they would hear all evidence to assess whether he would be eligible for release.

The panel said if they decided it was not appropriate to release him, they would also consider if he could be sent to an open prison.

They told him they had three decisions to make during this week's review: whether he should remain in prison, whether he should be released and if he is not deemed fit for release, could he be managed in open conditions.

The panel heard that a prison offender manager told how Bronson he made her uncomfortable and once told her to “f*** off and get away from his door”.

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But on the whole, the manager said his behaviour was “fine” at their weekly meetings and that due to staff shortages, Charles was forced to be locked up in his cell 23 hours a day.

She said to stay sane, he watched a bit of TV but preferred listening to his radio and doing his artwork.

The prison offender manager said he coped well with the confinement but grew frustrated when things changed at the last minute.

Bronson was sent to jail for armed robbery in 1974 but has spent nearly half a century locked up after a string of violent incidents in prison.

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He has held 11 hostages in nine different sieges – with victims including governors, doctors, staff and his own solicitor.

He was sentenced in 2000 to a discretionary life term with a minimum of four years for taking an art teacher at HMP Hull hostage for 44 hours and threatening to kill him with a makeshift spear.

Since then, the Parole Board has repeatedly refused to direct his release.

In the documentary, Fit To Be Freed? Bronson is seen on video calling his long lost son George Bamby from his maximum security cell, reportedly at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

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But the Daily Star Sunday revealed last week that Charles had banned George from attending the hearing or giving evidence over comments he made during the show.

He told pals he was fuming after George said: “I could be being completely f*ing manipulated by my old dad and he could get out of prison and fall out with me one day and kick the living fing shit out of me one day and stab me with a bread knife.”

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “Charles was gutted. George is dead to Charles now, he will never forgive him for what he feels is stitching him up with this documentary."


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