Cheerleader died ‘after running 7 laps in heat as punishment for dance mistake’

A cheerleader has died after she was allegedly forced to run laps in sweltering heat as punishment for making a mistake during a dance routine.

Phornphiphat Eaddam, 20, performed alongside the Phuket Ratchapat University in Southern Thailand cheerleading team at an all-girls event on August 19.

The athlete, whose nickname was Mint, is believed to have made a number of mistakes during the routine and was allegedly given a punishment for stepping out of place.

Phornphiphat was reportedly told to run eight laps of the university’s volleyball court in the sweltering heat.

She managed to run seven laps before Mint collapsed and was rushed to Vachira Phuket Hospital in Thailand.

One day after she was admitted to the intensive care unit, Phornphiphat's heart stopped and medics were unable to revive her.

Police are now investigating the student's death.

Investigating police officer, Lieutenant Colonel Chana Suthimat from Phuket City Police, said they were looking into whether the death was due to "an accident or negligence".

Phornphiphat's grieving father, Kanong Eaddam, 43, said: "We drove to the hospital and found my daughter was already in intensive care.

"She could not make it, she later died after she had been given CPR."

University dean Theerapong Noochaikaew said it was waiting for the investigation to be completed.

He added: "We need to wait for the post-mortem examination, and during this time we will question more witnesses.

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He continued: "The finding of the inquiry will be made public later."

President Professor Assistant Dr Hiran Prasankarn said the university will give 100,000 Baht (£2,420) to the student's family for funeral expenses.

Dr Prasankarn said: "We did not ignore the incident. We need to investigate the truth about the student's death."

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