Chemical weapons potential ploy to deny Ukraine advance Takes while to decontaminate

Russia will ‘deny’ area to Ukraine says retired US General

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The military analyst defined the use of chemical weapons in Mariupol as a strategic action for Russia. With the potential use of chemical weapons in Mariupol, Vladimir Putin’s new plan could be to isolate the city and consequently divide the west side of Ukraine from the east, claimed the military analysis. Mr Marks’ assessment came as unverified reports emerged of Russia deploying chemical weapons on the besieged eastern Ukrainian city.

Speaking with CNN, the military analyst said: “The challenge with the use of chemical weapons anywhere, especially here in Mariupol, is that the Russians clearly have precise designs on Mariupol”.

“These designs do not include the repopulations or the use of the city.”

The retired Major General explained: “Once you contaminated an area, it is going to take a while to decontaminate it.

“It will just be a large amount of time and that will draw troops away from it.

“What [Russians] want to do is to deny this area to the Ukrainians and at the same time to deny it to themselves.”

He added: “We know and we have seen videos of the movements of the forces from the area of Kyiv relocating up here and moving in this direction”.

The military expert also discussed the potential change in strategy after Russian troops were moved from the northern areas of the capital Kyiv to the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Referring to the Ukrainian river Dnipro, Major General Marks highlighted: “[The river] isolates the country.

“What the Russians are doing is creating a pocket.”

Dnipro River represents a strategic element, as it would allow Russia to create a clear division between the west and the east side of the Ukrainian territory.

Referring to Russia’s plan to isolate the two sides of Ukraine, The Major General confirmed: “This is their priority now.

“[Russians] are not going to do anything with Odesa for a while.”


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He also added: “Any movement now is going to be in the direction of Mariupol”.

The military actions would potentially allow Russia to connect the region Donbas, which Moscow has been claiming as Russian alongside Crimea since 2014.

President Volodymyr Zelensky openly accused Russia of using chemical weapons in the city of Mariupol.

Ukrainian MP Ivanna Klympush and UK foreign secretary Liz Truss also hinted at the use of chemical weapons in the area of Mariupol.

In light of the claims, President Zelensky said further investigations will be conducted to confirm Russia’s potential use of chemical weapons in Ukraine.

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