Child-killing teenager is put in jail for a century after smothering siblings

A child-killing teenager has been sentenced to more than a century in prison.

Nickalas Kedrowitz, 17, from Indiana, US, was handed two consecutive life sentences on Tuesday (February 1) after being found guilty of the murder of his 23-month-old half-sister Desiree McCartney, and stepbrother Nathaniel Ritz, who was 11-months-old.

Judge Ryan King heard that the teen smothered his two siblings and showed 'no remorse' following the killings, which happened on two separate days in May and July 2017.

He was 13 at the time of the killings, but was tried as an adult.

Ripley County Prosecutor Ric Hertel said Kedrowitz had told cops he was freeing the children from "some sort of hell".

Recalling the tragedy, Nathaniel’s stepmother Christina McCartney said that she came home to find her daughter lifeless, with her son telling her that Desiree 'wasn’t breathing right'.

He reportedly confessed to the killings after the later death of Nathaniel. Christina spoke in defence of her son in court, and said he was acting under the influence of his abusive stepdad who had been living at the home.

She said: "He did it under threat. He was told that if he didn’t do what he was being told he would be killed and that Stephen would kill me.

"He witnessed him being mean to the babies. That he pushed them down on purpose. He would lock them up in the bedroom to try to shut them up. He painted a pretty bad picture. As a mom, that’s hard to swallow that was going on, and I didn’t know."

The stepmum also said that her son was referring to his father when he spoke of releasing the children from "hell".

Indiana law allows children as young as 12 to be tried as adults for charges of murder.

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