China to face more united response to hostile stance as AUKUS deal strengthens neighbours

China ‘isn’t too happy’ about AUKUS alliance says expert

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace argued that China’s reaction to the security deal between the UK, Australia and the US was counterproductive. He noted this aggression towards these countries and Taiwan will further strengthen alliances against China in the region, Mr Wallace said: “I think it is counterproductive what the Chinese have done.

“It makes the neighbours in the Pacific very nervous, it makes them have to choose.

“Taiwan is obviously a disputed relationship with both China and Taiwan and China’s claims on Taiwan.

“There are literally hundreds of disputed islands and sea areas in that part of the Pacific.

“This affects the Philippians, Vietnam and Japan so when those countries see what China is doing with Taiwan it acts as a way to unify them in opposition to China.

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“It is counterproductive and I think that we urge that whatever the solution is, it should be done in a peaceful manner.”

International affairs commentator Douglas Herbert also discussed the potential ramifications of the AUKUS deal while on France 24.

He also discussed what these issues could mean for the US, UK and Australia in the long term.

He said: “China is calling this extremely irresponsible behaviour on the part of all three.

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“They are saying it is very narrow-minded thinking on the part of all three.

“It is a return to the cold-war bunker mentality and that it is going to spur on and revitalise an arms race in the region.

“They are all shooting themselves in the foot by doing this.

“China would say that as they are facing new security architecture in the region.

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“China was already livid and we have seen tough words between them and the Joe Biden administration.

“It is really now a sense that China realises this is those three powers stepping up to the plate and doing so very publicly on the world stage.

“They are all but saying, we are taking on China, you are our number one priority right now when it comes to the new world order and securing our own security.”

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