Coca-Cola Christmas workshop chaos as Plastic Rebellion make protest decorations

Coca-Cola has found themselves battling against plastic protestors at a Christmas-themed bauble workshop, where decorations rebelling against the company were made.

Plastic Rebellion were "thrown out" of the bauble-making Christmas workshop after protestors used their baubles to ring in a message of protest against the soft drinks company.

Heading to the Table Manners venue yesterday, protestors found themselves heaved out of the venue after decorating their baubles with protest messages reading "refill" and "reuse".

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The battle against Coca-Cola was waged with Christmas-like decorations at The Strand, London, where protestors kicked off while attending an event hosted by podcasting pair Jessie and Lennie Ware.

A spokesperson for Plastic Rebellion said: "So, we just got thrown out of the fancy bauble workshop.

"The elves visited Coke's posh table manners bauble making workshop and buffet this evening to remind them that we aren't going away. We decorated some of our own baubles with the words reuse and refill."

Images of the protestors showed one wearing a jumper which read "Coke – World's Top Polluter" while posing with the nifty-looking protest bauble.

The bauble decorating event, which boasted the attendance of arts and crafts expert Mary-Ann of Hello Marilu, was usurped by those protesting Coca-Cola's polluting ways.

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The Plastic Rebellion spokesperson continued: "When we tried to give out some stickers we were politely escorted out of the building. Coke want to look cuddly and Christmassy but they still have a plastic footprint of over 3 million tonnes of plastic a year.

"The plastic pollution problem is a climate, health and social justice issue. Coke need to move to reuse and refill systems, and it can't happen soon enough."

Coca-Cola had previously advertised the event as one of the "festive best" events that would see the podcast hosts serve up "some of their favourite Christmas secrets".

Daily Star has reached out to Coca-Cola for comment.

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