Cops apology after giving incel gunman licence weeks before he shot 5 dead

A police force has apologised for allowing owners to keep weapons when their permits expire following Jake Davison's murderous rampage in 2021.

Devon and Cornwall Police admitted that they had massively failed in monitoring firearms certificate renewals after giving Davison his firearm and licence back despite having it initially revoked due to suffering from mental health problems.

Just a month later, 'incel' fanatic Davison went on a terror spree murdered five people, including his own mother, with a shotgun.

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Home Secretary Priti Patel requested answers from the force after finding out about their failure to revoke weapons from owners whose permits had expired.

Patel said: "Following the tragic shooting in Plymouth just last year, I asked all police forces across the country urgently to review their firearms licensing practices.

"I also published updated guidance that police are required to follow, by law, which makes clear that a firearms licence — including a renewal — cannot be granted until police have reviewed information from a suitably qualified doctor regarding the applicant’s medical history.

“I expect vigilant and timely checks on firearms licences to remain a priority, and I have asked Devon & Cornwall police for an urgent update.”

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One shotgun owner who full licence was last issued in 2017 received a letter from the force telling him his firearm certificate will remain in force eight weeks after it was due to expire.

The Devon and Cornwall force were investigated by watchdog The Independent Office for their conduct regarding Davison's murders with the force admitting their fault in the situation.

Devon and Cornwall Police said: “We have identified an issue within our licensing system which has led to a number of certifications [having] expired and not being renewed.


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