Coronavirus horror: Russian nurses told ‘if you survive, we’ll pay you’ by callous bosses

Nurses were also allegedly told that they were not allowed to go to the bathroom during their eight hour shift and should wear pampers nappies to see them through. The allegations were made by a nurse in a phone call to Dr Anastasia Vasileyeva on Sunday. Dr Vaileyeva is an ophthalmologist and head of an independent union representing medical workers called the Alliance of Doctors.

In a tweet on Sunday, she wrote: “A nurse from a reanimation department at a Moscow hospital has just called.

“It is pure hell there. They were told to work in pampers nappies for eight hours.

“The protective equipment is of a low quality – it’s impossible to breathe.

“When they asked about their salary they received the following answer: ‘First of all you have to survive.’”

It comes as the Kremlin confirmed 771 new coronavirus infections on Thursday, the largest single day increase, as the new official total number of cases rose to 3,548.

Thirty people have died as a result of the disease. In what appears to be a worrying trend, 40 percent of patients on ventilators in Moscow are aged 40 or younger.

Some 15 percent of patients who are critically ill are also under the age of 40, according to official data provided by the Office for the Control and Monitoring of Coronavirus Cases in Moscow.

In response to the increase in COVID-19 cases, more than a dozen Russian regions including the city of Saint Petersburg introduced partial lockdowns on Monday.

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Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin told Russia’s regions to consider ordering people to stay at home.

He said: “I ask the leaders of Russia’s regions to pay attention to Moscow’s experience and to work out the possibility of introducing such measures in their regions.”

Moscow’s lockdown came into effect on Monday.

Under the terms of the curfew, Muscovites can only go out to buy food or medicines, get urgent medical treatment, walk the dog or take out their rubbish.


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Moscow’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, a Putin ally, said that 20 percent of residents were ignoring his orders to self-isolate.

He said that he hoped to be able to roll out by the end of the week an IT system that would allow city authorities to control the movement of people.

To further help enforce compliance with curfew orders, the Russian parliament approved an “anti-virus” package of laws on Tuesday.

This includes prison sentences of up to seven years for any serious violations of quarantine rules.

Meanwhile fears are growing that President Putin may have caught the coronavirus, after coming into contact with a doctor, later diagnosed as being infected with COVID-19.

Denis Protsenko, the head doctor for the Kommunarka hospital in Moscow, gave Putin a tour of his hospital last Wednesday.

During the visit Dr Protsenko was pictured shaking hands with Putin, riding in an elevator with him, and also standing close to him as the two men rode down an escalator along with advisors.

Neither man was wearing a mask during the meeting.

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