Coronavirus: World has seen record 24-hour rise in COVID-19 cases – WHO

The world has seen a record rise in coronavirus cases over a 24-hour period, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.

The new record is 212,326, with the biggest rise in infections coming in the US, Brazil and India.

The previous WHO record for new cases of COVID-19 was 189,077 on 28 June.

In the US, there were a further 53,213 cases reported in the latest 24-hour period, ahead of Brazil (48,105) and India (22,771).

Across Europe, the figure rose by 19,694.

In total, 10.9 million cases have been recorded globally and 523,011 people have died, the WHO says.

The Johns Hopkins University, which is also tracking the virus, says there are 11.1 million cases and 527,681 people have lost their lives.

While concern in many parts of the world centres around a second wave, the Americas are still struggling with the first.

Florida reported a record number of cases on Saturday, the latest sign that the virus is surging in many parts of the United States, where Independence Day celebrations are taking place.

The Sunshine State reported 11,445 new cases, bringing the state-wide total to more than 190,000, while there has also been a spike in Texas.

Officials and health authorities warned people to take precautions, or simply stay at home on 4 July, as confirmed cases are growing in 40 states.

The US has more than 2.8 million confirmed cases – around a quarter of worldwide infections, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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