Cosplay Mia Khalifa steals car but its so vintage she brings own airbags

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    Mia Khalifa has taken fans on a wild ride around the US countryside in a “stolen” car.

    Taking to Instagram the for former Pornhub legend hopped into a 1970s Mercedes Benz 280SE for a sunny open top ride with a pal.

    She had so much fun she even said in her story she thinks she must have “owned one in a previous life”.

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    Donning a vintage 1950s-style headscarf, she and her mate cruised through scenic fields and sweet little roads in the motor.

    The old-school moment was packed out with nostalgic clothes, a feeling of endless summer and even a vintage bottle of Coca-Cola.

    Wearing a low-cut top the old Merc’s radio blared out all sorts of favourites like Peace’s California Daze.

    In one part of the post that claimed they were “cosplaying 1950s divorcees,” Mia said: “Our husbands are fighting in war and they have no idea we’re on our way to see our sweethearts.”

    In her pal Jenna Lee’s story, which Mia reposted, Jenna said: “It’s stolen."

    She also added: “We k*lled the owner.”

    All parts of the car were covered – at one point she even dedicates a bit of film reel to the act of tightening her seatbelt.

    She she looks down, low-cut top in full flow, Mia jokes: "No airbags, so I brought my own."

    In another, she and Jenna pose on the car’s sleek exterior to mimic images from the great American adventures of old.

    It doesn’t seem like there was any actual mission in mind, however – at one point Mia captions a post: “I drove in circles for 7 hours straight today.

    “I’ve never felt more free.”

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