Couple accused of planting clowns on fence and using neighbours drive to park

A couple accused of flooding their neighbour's alleyway by overwatering their plants also placed "clowns" on her fence, a court has heard.

Trevor Dempsey, 62, and Sandra Durdin, 58, have been accused of entering a year-long harassment campaign against neighbour Joanne Shreeves between June 2020 and August 2021.

Stratford Magistrates' Court heard neighbours had lived next door to each other for nearly 40 years in Chingford, east London.

The pair denied the charges at a previous hearing in December, with the court branding the case "messy to say the least".

Ms Durdin and Mr Dempsey have been accused of flooding Shreeves' alleyway.

And then repeatedly parking on the driveway and putting various toys, barbed wire and black felt covered in paint over the fencing.

The pair were also accused of "putting up clowns and dolls on the fence" and standing at the bottom of the drive where they called Ms Shreeves "an ugly wh*re".

Ms Durdin faces a separate charge of criminal damage to property after allegedly destroying a CCTV camera worth £1,350 which belonged to Shreeves, MyLondon reports.

The two have since relocated to Kent, over 100 miles away from their former home where the series of incidents is said to have taken place.

Dempsey, who was sat in the dock for a short hearing, confirmed his details and told the court he had separated from Durdin since the alleged harassment of their former neighbour took place.

District Judge Jane McIvor said it was a "complex case". A further hearing has been set for May 3.

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