Covid 19 coronavirus: Police and Auckland University investigating claims of ‘superspreader’

Police are looking into a claim made on a notorious terror website from a person apparently infected with Covid-19 and wanting to spread it.

The post has been shared on 8Chan, infamous for inciting terror, hateful and racist views.

“Long story short I’m pretty sure I have the woohoo flu – I was in the same restaurant as a confirmed case, I have a really sore throat and can’t stop coughing…(sic),” it reads.

“How can I do my best to become a super spreader?”

The poster – only named Anonymous – goes on to say they have exams today and Friday for “big courses” and asks how he or she can change their breathing to “maximise infection risk”.

“Is mouth-breathing better than breathing through the nose? I don’t want to cough too much in case the supervisors move me…”

No location is mentioned in the post.

However, a number of University of Auckland students have shared it on Facebook in a bid to raise awareness among students – particularly those due to take an exam on the two days mentioned.

A police spokesman confirmed this morning they have been made aware of the claims.

“We are currently assessing this information,” he said.

The person behind the original post put it up in the early hours of yesterday morning, just after 2am.

The university has confirmed to NewsHub that its staff is investigating the post.

A number of students have said online they have reported the post to officials – including to Police and the Ministry of Health.

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