Crappest playground in UK savaged on Reddit as UFC fighter cage for kids

A London playground has been savaged on Reddit as it contains just half a roundabout and some rocks.

Located on an estate in Ilford, the gated play area consists of two benches, two bins, four rocks and a skewed roundabout-type bucket contraption.

Remarkably it even has two entrances although it seems unlikely they'd both be needed at the same time given the pitiful size of the enclosure.

That being said, it is one of the more tidy London playgrounds as there appears to be no rubbish lying about – a sign that the two bins have been properly used no doubt.

After a photo of the playground was shared on the internet, people became fascinated with the layout of the kids zone and began to furiously speculate on what it could possibly be used for.

One person said: "At least there is a lot of seating space for adults to watch the lone child playing."

Another opined glumly: "This screams of a developer ticking a box for planning permission."

It was a common theme, with others theorizing that the bleak design was a ruse to minimise the sounds of children's laughter and merriment.

They said: "I think the idea is to deliberately make the play area unattractive to minimise noise.

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"They have to meet a minimum square area for residential development but developers often split that into multiple small areas like this and put fences around them so they aren’t actually used."

There were some who saw the merits of the play area though and argued that it more than fulfilled the needs of modern-day teenagers.

One laughed: "Very good of Newham Council to put up a UFC cage for the kids. Love their forward-thinking."

Another said darkly: "Feel like on a Friday and Saturday night this turns into a U18 balloon fuelled smoking den."

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