Dad fumes after son spends £1,500 on VR games – with £900 spent in 3 days

A dad was shocked to discover that his son had racked up almost £1,500 of debt on video games in just a few months.

Daren Collins, from Middlesbrough, was left horrified after he realised his son had spent that much money without his knowledge.

Collins had previously set up bank accounts with Lloyds Bank for this three kids to teach them how to manage money and so that their mother could send money across from Malaysia.

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However, the 56-year-old was 'knocked sideways' after checking into 13-year-old son Anese's account and finding just £4 remaining, when there should have been around £1,500, reports Teeside Live.

Anese spent hundreds on Oculus Quest – a game on a VR headset- blowing £900 across 40 purchases between February 27 and 29 alone.

The angry Easterside resident was left scrambling to get the funds back – arguing that Lloyds Bank "should have some sort of responsibility" after not flagging the huge spending.

Daren has since received a £208 refund from Microsoft, as well as money from Meta. Lloyds Bank has since agreed to refund the amount he spent, minus what Google, Meta, and Microsoft have already refunded to him, as a "gesture of goodwill".

Anese and his father opened an under 19s account, which is an option for parents who want their children to manage their money more independently. Lloyds Bank said Daren asked for a debit card for Anese, so he could make his own payments, as well as for online banking to be set up.

Describing the situation as a "nightmare," Daren said: "They have got these bank accounts and I put money into his savings and whatnot. The kids both have £1,500 in their bank accounts and I check them frequently. I checked Anese's last week and he had £4 left in his bank account."

Daren said his main gripe was that Anese had been allowed to make 40 transactions in a small space of time. He went into a branch and spoke with the manager, but says he was told the bank could not help out at the time.

"I make irregular spending in my bank account I get a phone call from the bank," Daren continued. "If I am making any purchases via my credit cards, then I have got to go via my app.

"He is 13-years-old, and he has got a child's bank account, is there, not a way where it is flagged, or somebody is contacted? 40 purchases to me it is absurd.

"I spoke to the bank manager and said surely you must take some sort of responsibility for this. You are holding his money – to allow a 13-year-old to make so many purchases unchecked. All of these unflagged."

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