Dad said he was taking kids on beach trip – but got plane and kidnapped them

A mum-of-three is on a mission to find her kids after she claims her ex-partner took them on what she thought was a trip to the Yorkshire coast and failed to return.

Dawn Daley, 43, now claims her ex, Fares Aljehani, and the children they share boarded a flight in Manchester and are "now abroad" after she was tricked into letting them go on a ten-day trip to Robin Hood's Bay with her estranged spouse.

The last time Daley heard from her young children – Khalid, eight, Aasiyah, six, and Maimunah, four – was over two weeks ago after she first dropped them off for the holiday gone wrong, Yorkshire Live reports.

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She said: "I've always had this fear that he's going to do this."

Now, she says, police have tracked them as far away as Tunisia.

"Fares is a Libyan national," Daley explained.

"I've been to Libya and Tunisia in the past, and from Tunisia, it's only a few hours' drive to Libya, so when they said that, I just knew that they were there.

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"They've now put warrants out for the two for abduction, with high-risk missing person's tags put on the children. They've advised that names have been put up at airports."

Daley first started worrying when she claimed her ex failed to pick up her calls and messages towards the end of the planned trip.

"Two days before August 10 [when the children were supposed to return], I started to call his phone number, and I kept getting the response, 'This number is not accepting calls at the moment, please try again later.'

"I just thought maybe they're in an area that's got bad service or something. I'd also messaged him a few times via text, but I couldn't see if it had been delivered or read or anything."

Daley says she really began to worry when she went to Aljehani's home on August 10, finding the place deserted and discovering through a neighbour that he had sold his car.

The panicked mother then says she went to the takeaway where her ex had worked on weekends, but his boss said he had handed his notice in the Monday prior.

Daley said she immediately informed police of her fears, and the next day specialist officers launched inquiries to try to find the missing children.

She added that cops later discovered Fares and Samiyah Aljehani had boarded a TUI flight on August 8 from Manchester airport with the three kids.


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